Coworking Community
The TripCart team created a US Travel Planning site in the Raanana location. The flexible Coworking model allowed us to hire programmers, writers and executives and to provide them with a constructive work environment. Many of our employees could walk or bike to work.
- Elliot, CEO
Bootcamp Ventures
The Bootcamp Ventures founders met through the Coworking Raanana community. We help companies build global marketing strategies, develop solid business models and raise capital.
- Ed, BCV Founder
The Raanana office has been great for us at Its flexible format is what many start-ups need. Since there are a few high tech companies in the same space, we can easily exchange ideas and help each other. Our project management and collaboration tools were beta tested by other companies in the Raanana office and their feedback was invaluable!
David Robins
As we grow from a two person (and one dog) operation to a profitable company with a real sales force, use of the meeting room and expansion of our Raanana office definitely is contributing to our success.
- Ori , CEO, Hoojima
Could not beat the price and love the coffee. Seriously, we held many successful meetings in our Raanana office.
-Joe, CEO MyBrainX
SiQ is an Israeli Open Source systems development and integration company.
We focus on solution oriented scalable designs, software as service and clouds. We provide design, development, integration and implementation services for Linux and Unix based systems.
Comcord Media
Comcord Media provides Internet presence, marketing and advertisement services in Israel and Russia. From site design and development to market research and advertisement campaigns management - we deliver first class solutions. Give us a call today and start receiving new prospects tomorrow!